HELP Need medical advice with metabolic issues.?


About three years ago I rapidly started gaining weight, I gained about 40 pounds in excess weight. I was no longer athletic, I frequented the gym 6 days a week 3 of those I saw a personal trainer. My normal weight maintenance before the weight gain would be 2 days a wk and a low fat diet. Once the weight gain came, so did hair loss, my acne got out of control. I gained alot of the fat around my abdomen. So I got tested for diabetes, thyroid, and cortisol levels. ALL WERE NORMAL. I My doctor put me on Meridia to control my weight but found that didn’t work either, and told me to eat an all protien diet. I found out that I get explosive diarhea every time I eat protein.THe only method that works is the starvation method. I drink a slimfast, and eat a lean cuisine for dinner that is it for the entire day. I drink water. I have no sex drive. high blood pressure all at 30. I do ok on carbs. I haven’t been able to maintain any muscle no matter how much protein or how much I worked out.

no..tested neg for pcos, and my levels are nearly hyper for the thyroid. I’ve had three rounds of testing done.


Look up information on PCOS aka polycystic ovarian syndrome or stein leventhol syndrome. It is a metabolic issue that presents with many of your symptoms. If your diabetes testing came back ok, have your doctor check your glucose tolerance test to see if you are insulin resistant.
Some women experience weight gain, hair loss, excess facial hair, skin tags, brown patches of skin (under arms, elbows, knees) Do your research and see if it sounds like you. If it does go to your OBGYN and if he isn’t helpful seek outside medical help.
Good Luck!